Summer 2019 Land & Lifestyle Trends

Unique items curated especially for the discriminating land aficionado—from custom cowboy hats to the most delicious local honey you have ever tasted.
Rand's Custom Hats

The Rand family has been making fine quality custom hats in Billings, Montana, for 30 years. They started as a very small custom hat business catering to local cowboys and cowgirls. Since that time, they have grown to be the most respected name in custom-made hats. While they don’t work by the light of an oil lamp, much of the work that goes into creating today’s Rand’s Custom Hat is the same painstaking hand-crafted labor that hat makers used 150 years ago. Rand’s hats are custom made by one person from start to finish. This means your hat is hand made, hand sanded and hand finished. Their hatters take pride in creating your hat to meet your exact specifications.

How to Think Like A Fish

Jeremy Wade has caught an unparalleled array of outsize and outlandish fish from challenging locations all over the world. Many people ask him how they can improve their own fishing results. This book is his reply. Sparse on the details of technique, it's about the simple, fundamental principles—a mindset for success. Part science, part art and part elusive something else, this, he says, is within every angler's ability to develop. Thoughtful and funny, brimming with wisdom and adventure, here is the book for any angler—novice or old hand—who wants to catch the fish that have so far eluded them.

New West Knifeworks

The Teton Edge Santoku represents a revolution in the history of blade design. The Edge replaces the traditional santoku “dimples” with an etched semblance of the Teton Mountain range. As with the dimples, the etching helps the blade slice smoothly through food without sticking—but the Teton Edge does it even better. The Teton Edge celebrates the spirit of Jackson Hole, New West Knifeworks' 以太坊区块链_以太坊价home, both visually and functionally, redefining the cutting edge of peak performance.

Woodchuck USA

Woodchuck USA is a technology-driven wood products manufacturer specializing in customization. Woodchuck USA was founded with a simple mission: put nature back into people's lives. They believe we're meant to have a deep connection with the earth, and they want to be a daily reminder of that with their real wood products. It's also important to them to bring jobs to America while bringing quality products to consumers. With every product sold, they plant a tree—It's their way of making a better world for future generations.

Bare Honey

After working in the food and agricultural industry for nearly 20 years, the owners and creators of Bare Honey, Dustin and Grace, have learned a thing or two about taste. Their love for food and the outdoors has led them from the farms they grew up on to the front lines of the most well-known kitchens and bakeries, to the farthest reaches of the globe and back to the fields and orchards of their 以太坊区块链_以太坊价home state. Not only are these two whipping up the most delicious local honey Minnesota has ever tasted, they also utilize Bare Honey as a platform to raise awareness and funds for the growing needs of our pollinators, all while bringing together other local bee farmers who share the same important mission.

Brian Boggs Chairmakers

Brian Boggs Chairmakers' passion is to create beautiful, handcrafted furniture. Surrounded by beautiful and well-managed forests, they begin the creative process by selecting the right tree for your table or chair. Inspired by the forest itself, they strive to create their work with a balance of sustainability, integrity and art, ensuring that their clients receive the finest furniture their hands and hearts can produce. Brian Boggs' Sunniva outdoor furniture brings sophisticated comfort to outdoor spaces. Constructed from sustainably managed old-growth Honduran mahogany, the double tenoned and fully housed joinery effectively waterproofs and seals the joints. All of the outdoor furniture sits on recycled rubber feet which elevates the wood from the ground and seals it from ground moisture.

Drawn Metal Studios

Started in 2013 by artist Devin Mack as an evolution from his previous business Mackwire, Drawn Metal Studios is a full-service wire sculpture studio, specializing in figurative sculptures of all sizes. Made freehand from a single strand of wire and attached to a solid aluminum base, Devin Mack's stainless steel jewelry tree is equal parts striking form and thoughtful function. Made in Baltimore, Maryland.

Stahl® X Firepit

Most fire pit designs are still stuck in the Stone Age. Stahl is here to change that with an American-made, modern, ingeniously designed fire pit that can be assembled in under a minute without a single tool. The Stahl fire pit was designed with simple functionality and timeless beauty in mind. Its steel is intentionally non-powder coated and free from artificial treatments, allowing the natural aging process to inform the character. This bad boy not only looks better with age, it lasts a lifetime.

Lake Art: Cribbage Board

This custom-made cribbage board is sure to score big time on your next boating trip or weekend at the lake. As points are gained, you'll move your markers around a laser-etched map of your favorite lake. There are more than 4,000 lakes to choose from, and they are marked with both topographical rings to show the shifting depths of the water and details from the surrounding area, such as major roads and cities. The handsome, cherry wood board also has a corked compartment along its front edge for storing the included bronze and aluminum pegs. Made in Michigan.

Salt & Stone

For the wanderers and the wonderers always in search of the next big swell, the next scenic trail or the next hidden alcove, Salt & Stone has you covered—both literally and metaphorically. Dedicated to all-natural, plant-based ingredients, Salt & Stone is creating skincare products that are bound to optimize your body and enhance your daily journey. This Summer Set helps you ward off any dreaded sunburns thanks to the deeply hydrating sunscreens. And, after you shower off the dirt from your day’s adventure, use the all-natural deodorant for a fresh aroma of lavender, sage and rosemary to keep you smelling excellent wherever the night takes you.


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